Five Petals in Perfect Balance: Learn the story behind the Malley Farm flower.

Malley Farm Holistic Living for Women: Our logo evolved along with us!

When we decided to embark on a journey to a new model of holistic living, we worked directly with our graphic designer to create a logo that would beautifully represent our story. We are so in love with the final design that we want to share its full meaning with you.

growth, balance, strength

During our transition, Sober Sisters Recovery evolved into Malley Farm for Women, a home that encompasses holistic living and whole body health and wellness. The final design is both delicate and graphic, representing our core values of growth, balance, and strength.

Malley Farm Holistic Living for Women

the apple blossom

  • the apple blossom traditionally signifies love, regeneration, and new beginnings
  • apple blossoms also represent the cyclical nature of life – the earth rests during winter and comes alive again in the spring

five petals in perfect balance

  • with five petals and amazing stamens, the apple blossom is stunning, intricate, and symmetrical
  • the resulting design represents balance in nature
  • the five aspects of holistic development: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual
  • the five elements of both the Greek Tradition and Buddhism: air, water, fire, earth, ether
  • the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine: metal, water, wood, fire, earth

a pink bloom

  • pale pink blossoms symbolize grace, gentleness, and joy
  • they are also associated with trust and gratitude

A special thank you to Curio Museum Design for truly hearing us, for beautifully telling our story in this design, and for bringing it to life in our new website!

View the full concept booklet that was created for us »