My experience as a resident of Sober Sisters Recovery has been life-changing. Here I experienced the benefits of holistic healing within a caring, structured environment which has nurtured my growth and confidence as a mature, sober woman.

I have learned that perseverance and commitment are imperative to my sobriety. I am diligently working a 12-Step Program of recovery with the guidance of a sponsor and the faithful support of Mone, along with the Sober Sisters staff and community.

I am now home with my family, equipped with the valuable tools I’ve acquired and essential practices to foster my growth in living a sober, healthy and purposeful life.

Sober Sisters Recovery has been a source of encouragement, strength and spiritual renewal which has enabled me to cultivate a deeper communion with my Higher Power whom I choose to call “God”.

I am filled with gratitude!

Claire T. - 2023

I arrived broken, lonely and had no idea who I was. Through the guidance and help from SSR staff, I have been able to trust God and myself enough to build a strong firm foundation for my recovery. My experience here has given me the life skill tools needed to continue the road to recovery and a better quality of life.

I have learned how to become an independent strong woman that is employed, and the trusted live-in Resident Assistant and Handywoman here at SSR. I am blessed beyond measure and I thank God every day for this amazing mission!

Linda H. - 2022

I’m sitting here reflecting in my 10 months of recovery after speaking to the residents of SSR and all I can think is how blessed I was to have found Malley Farm. This mission is the reason I am alive today and I am so grateful to be alumni. If you are willing to do what it takes to recover from addiction then Malley Farm could be exactly what you need.

This is a post I wrote after I completed the program:
Today I woke up feeling great, eyes alert and heart so full of gratitude it could burst! Today I am 6 months sober from alcohol and any mind altering substance and living in recovery. It has not been easy getting to where I’m at in my recovery and I had to change everything about my life. But nothing changes if nothing changes.

The process of deciding to quit drinking was a long argument with myself that I lost over and over again. For years I was unable to be honest with myself. In my younger years drinking was a way to fit in and let loose but as my drinking progressed the obsession to drink outweighed anything else in my life. It was not one big catastrophic event that brought me to my knees…it was many. I was hospitalized more times than I care to remember, went to detox’s, outpatient care and rehab. Still…I’d pick up a damn drink. Alcohol — cunning, baffling, powerful! I knew this insanity had to stop and I knew it was now life or death for me.

I made one phone call to Moné Cassier at Sober Sisters Recovery that changed my life forever. I packed up as much of my stuff as I could in a few hours from my apartment in Newmarket, kissed my cats and never looked back. I spent 5 months at Malley Farm learning from the best how to manage my life, work a strong program of recovery and set my ego aside because it is God’s will and not mine. It took a village to get me to where I am at today.

I owe my life to Sober Sisters Recovery and a little program called Alcoholics Anonymous and the fellowship. Today I am proud to say I am a woman of dignity. I write this for those who are still sick and suffering… WE DO RECOVER. ONE DAY AT A TIME. WE need you and WE love you. #ChopWoodCarryWater

Kelly C. - June 2022

Sober Sisters Recovery is a true gift to the Recovery Community. I am familiar with many Rehabs and Sober Houses and have to say that this Sober Home is in a league of its own. The dedication, professionalism and support is totally outstanding. It is a well organized, structured Sober House in a beautiful old (extremely clean) farm house in a pastoral, tranquil setting of lovely meadows and distinguished old trees. It is a healing environment inside and outside with the sole purpose of recovery. I have worked in the healthcare field for 35+ years throughout New England. this is a hidden gem.

Maureen C. - September 2021

Sober Sisters is by far the best recovery home I have dealt with. My sister had been to several, and there was one common element that was evident. These recovery centers wanted to make money and that’s about it. I saw them taking advantage of those who were at the lowest point in their lives. Sober Sisters director and co founder Moné Cassier helps women become productive members of society. She puts her heart in soul in the women she is trying to help. She is strong and patient and runs a fair but tight ship. I will be forever grateful to Moné and her staff. Thank you!!!

Irene I. - May 2021

I can’t say enough about my experience at Sober Sisters. I began my journey last year on June 23rd of 2020. Without the direction of staff and the sober community I built while at Sober Sisters, I don’t believe I would be sober today. Recovery for me has not been a linear process. While at Sober Sisters, I found that I was willing to go to any lengths for my recovery because I finally found women who were not only making suggestions but living a life of recovery. I trusted and believed in them until I could trust and believe in God and myself again. I will forever be grateful to the staff and sober community affiliated with Sober Sisters.

Cristina I. - May 2021

Moving into Sober Sisters Recovery was the best decision I’ve ever made – I was bouncing in and out of recovery for years and finally found a place where I could be safe and encouraged to really focus on myself and my sobriety. I completed the six-month program in June and have taken with me countless tools and coping mechanisms to live an independent, sober life. The staff at Sober Sisters are incredible, dedicated women who care only about your success. I owe so much to SSR.

Amanda W. - August 2020

Sober Sisters Recovery gave us our daughter back. She had been struggling for years with addiction, and things changed when she moved into SSR. The staff there loved Mandy back to life with structure, support, accountability, compassion and safety- where she could make her recovery her first priority. Through all of Mandy’s hard work, SSR was there to guide her and our family into a place of recovery that continues today. Mandy is now the daughter we had missed so terribly. Beautiful, caring, strong, smart are only a few words to describe her. She is so much more thanks to her dedicated work at recovery along with the unwavering support from the entire support at SSR. We are forever grateful.

Lisa W. - July 2020

I lived here for 8 months and the staff and structure helped me recreate my life! I have so much love and gratitude for Sober Sisters, I moved in broken with nothing and left whole. SSR helped me with job placement, building a network of women, life skills, loving myself, speaking up, tattoo removals, getting back into school and getting a car but most importantly SSR taught me HOW TO LIVE IN SOBRIETY AS WOMAN OF GRACE AND DIGNITY!


Gwen W. - 2020

Sober Sisters helped me gain control of my life back. The staff, the home, and the opportunities were everything I needed to grow into the best version of myself. I will forever be grateful for the experience of this home, and the people there who helped me and taught me every day.

Cassie D. - 2020

This summer I was a resident at SSR. Every day I thank my higher power that I followed the suggestions given to me and moved to Malley Farm after treatment. The programming at Sober Sisters Recovery helped me learn how to live again. I was taught how to work a solid program, stay connected with my sponsor and create a fellowship with other people in recovery. I relearned how do simple every day things like make a dentist appointment and pay my student loans.

Most importantly I was shown love, respect, grace and dignity as I healed and learned to love myself again. I cannot say thank you enough to Moné, all of the amazing support staff, and my fellows in recovery that volunteer their time for helping me rediscover who I was truly meant to be as a person.

Ariel V. - 2020

This is an amazing place for women to get and stay sober in our community! I highly recommend this program as someone who seen her family member go thru the whole transformation from someone lost and angry to sober, happy and caring! We thought we were going to lose her but this house turned it all around for her. She learned many tools and skills to bring into life and made many friends and connections that will last a lifetime, now today she works hard to help others stay sober and is almost at 2 years clean and we couldn’t be more grateful to have this amazing loving person in our lives, and in our children’s lives! We will forever be grateful for sober sisters and Moné and all the staff there and all they did for her and so many others in this community!

Nicole M. - February 2020

Amazing resource for women in our community – thank you for all your dedication and love Moné.

Shelly D. - May 2019

I had the opportunity to visit Sober Sisters Recovery this week and was beyond impressed with the beautiful home and Moné. Any woman who lives there will have an excellent opportunity to get well and grow in their recovery.

Cheryle P. - February 2019

This program is absolutely amazing and we are so thankful that our daughter was able to be part of it. Our daughter was in a very dark place when she entered Sober Sisters in March. She graduated 10/17/18 after attending for 6 months. They helped her every step of the way from getting a job, finding a sponsor, getting her license back and most of all, staying clean.

We are so thankful for all the help from Moné. She went above and beyond to help our family during this time. We would recommend this program to anyone looking for help

Anne R. - October 2018

I have been to Sober Sisters Recovery on several occasions for fundraising and volunteer events. I am very impressed with how this sober structure is run and operates each time I have visited. I would recommend a friend or relative. I am a close friend of a woman who graduated from SSR. She remains clean and sober and is living an amazing productive life. Thank you Sober Sisters Recovery!

Sandy C. - September 2018

I came to sober sisters completely broken, wanting to change my life but had no idea how. On May 13th, I achieved 1 year of continuous sobriety, something I’ve never been able to do and I owe much of that to Sober Sisters Recovery who has devoted countless hours to this program and the woman who come through the doors. SSR is not only a beautiful structure, inside and out, but offers many tools to help woman of all ages and stages to achieve and maintain recovery from process groups to group meditation and individual reiki sessions.

Having been in multiple IOP programs, one on one counseling and 28-day programs, SSR is structured but balanced and from my own personal experience provides more individual care than I have ever received in my journey to recovery. For me, it worked and I will be forever grateful to those who put their heart and soul into this non-profit organization. There were countless nights during my stay at SSR where I was shaking, teetering towards a substance and the staff would walk me through it, she was able to make me laugh when I could barely smile and she taught me valuable lessons, showing me the tools I needed to maintain continuous sobriety.

Much of what I do to stay sober today, both in my program and outside of it, are all things I learned from being a part of SSR and the countless volunteers who would pick me up for meetings, come for fires, and really show me there was another way than the way I was living. I not only learned how to stay sober one day at a time but I learned how to function in life without a substance. I learned how to be a woman of dignity and grace, two things I never wanted nor thought I could be.

I will be forever grateful for SSR, the support staff, the board of directors and so many people along the way who volunteer to help woman like myself find an easier, softer way.

Sammy D. - 2018 Alumnus

Sober Sisters Recovery taught me how to live a life I’m happy to live. I am self sufficient and making progress every day. Sober Sisters gave me a solid foundation to build upon and tools I can use every day in my recovery. It taught me about hard work and commitment. The staff is one on one and I got the best care I needed at that time of my life. I am forever grateful for my experience there.

Sober Sisters is full of healing and is the perfect location to recover and heal spiritually. The grounds and home are beautiful and you learn about taking pride in what you got. My family and I will forever be grateful for the chance Sober Sisters gave me to get my life back and grow within. Thank you a thousand times.

Jessie H. - 2018

I am so grateful for Sober Sisters Recovery and all those involved, including the Board of Directors, staff and residents. Our daughter has and continues to benefit from the compassion, insight and dedication of the entire Sober Sister Recovery community. The direction and support provided has been instrumental in so many ways.

I believe SSR exemplifies the best in community support for recovery of women.

Tom G. - May 2018

About 2 years ago to the day, I moved into Sober Sisters. Having burned every bridge in my active use, I had no where to go. I was blessed to live in this beautiful house for 4 months where I was taught basic life skills and how to live life sober and be a woman of dignity and grace. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but its exactly what I needed to go through. I just celebrated 2 years of sobriety last month and I owe a lot of it to Sober Sisters. To this day, I still use tools I was taught at this house and it has helped me become a productive member of society. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Sober Sisters!!

Melissa B. - 2017 Alumnus

Sober sisters is a huge part of my journey in recovery and continues to be. This home which will always be my first real home in recovery, is a serene beautiful well structured environment and is safe and welcoming for any woman who wants it. 14 months into my recovery and I’m still blessed with the love and compassion we as woman in recovery deserve.

Moné is an amazing individual who will go to the ends of the earth for your success in this journey. To this day I still talk to her and visit the house to give back what I was given. My second chance at life began with this wonderful woman and the truly amazing place at Sober Ssisters. Words can’t describe my gratitude for SSR or Moné. I will forever remain grateful for everything she’s done for myself and for what she keeps doing for other women. Keep up the great work for these women God has got your back. God bless and love each and every one of you.

Kasey L. - 2017

What a truly beautiful home for woman in recovery!

Ellen J. - November 2016

I’m a women in recovery today for over 2 1/2 years by the grace of god and the people around me in my life. After some treatment, I knew I needed more and Sober Sisters had just opened their doors and I got accepted. I was with Sober Sisters for over 10 months, one of the first graduates. I still to this day visit, volunteer, and speak my experience strength and hope to the house.

I know today I needed Sober Sisters in my life. I needed the love the structure and safe place it holds for us strong woman that go through the house. The last few months I was living at Sober Sisters, I became the RA of the house. Today, my life looks like this: I have my children back, a wonderful family, received my license back, bought a car, and I’m working two jobs in the field of recovery that I’m very passionate about. Sober Sisters is a huge part of my life. It’s my home and always will be …

Katie A. - 2016 Alumnus

I have been sober from all substances for over 2 years now. I spent 9 months living at Sober Sisters, and I personally believe it is the reason I am still sober today. I learned so much in the home that I still carry with me today. I am still of service to the women who live there & Moné and I couldn’t be more grateful for that opportunity.

Olivia E. - 2016

Amazing woman with a heart of gold. Watching the way in which this has engaged the community is truly inspiring. It is my hope that many women benefit from this home.

Mark C. - August 2016

Ladies, you have done an amazing job. So many times people go through detox only to be pushed out the door, not knowing what to do next. It is wonderful that you are giving Woman an opportunity to live life on life’s terms with a helping hand and heart. I applaud you!

Linda A. - July 2016

Thank God that small groups of people that care stepped up and will make this very important Home available!! Onward!!

Kerry N. - 2016

Sober Sisters Recovery; three simple words, that, together, begin to tell the story of what this wonderful and incredible organization does. Through a combination of structure, support, and guidance, the talented and knowledgeable staff utilize just the right amount of love and toughness to help women begin to face their addiction, but also recognize their dignity, value, and inherent worth. The process is not easy, but the result is hope, healthier thinking, healthier living, and learning to trust others.

I can’t begin to adequately express how grateful I am to the program, and specifically the staff, supporters, the Sisters, the board, and community supporters. Each of you plays a valuable role in making #SSR the treasure, and the life saver that it is. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

– A grateful mother

Kim C. - A Mom

WONDERFUL idea!!!!! I’m so thankful for people like you. My son is a recovering addict with almost 20 months clean. This is the type of thing that is VERY MUCH needed in our community!! Thank you SO MUCH!

Shari S.

I was honored to come in one week and be a vegan cook at Sober Sisters Recovery. It was the highlight of my vegan catering experience, and I hope to go back and volunteer again next year. As I made dinners and desserts and snacks, these amazing women seemed to blossom and bloom a little bit more each day. I saw them come home from work and meetings and dentist appointments, and immediately begin to work their programs. Family meals were fun, and they had a lot of guidance from staff.

I cannot say enough about the lovely old farmhouse, and the beauty of the surrounding land with hiking trails, fresh air and plenty of places to relax. I was also impressed with the various members of staff I met, and felt they all have a true passion for recovery. Five Stars!

Amanda Erickson - Caterer

Gorgeous home, and amazing, caring staff/people. Great location central to a couple great recovery communities. Absolutely recommend!

Roxanne L.

Love how this establishment has followed the traditions. Well done. Sober Sisters!!!

Susan J.

I saw an amazing home today!! The love that is displayed both inside and out of this home is godly. If you don’t know what beautiful home I’m talking about you need to contact Moné Cassier at Sober Sisters Recovery.

Her women’s home offers true recovery for women who need accountability, guidance, and the ability to do some soul searching while establishing boundaries and preparing for their future.

Sober Sisters Recovery pays attention to every detail and need that a woman in early recovery has! Truly blown away by the genuine love and passion for recovery that was on display today!

Thank you, Moné!!!

Amanda Robichaud - GateHouse Treatment of N.H.

I have watched Sober Sisters Recovery grow from a concept to the beautiful recovery home that it is. So much care, love, compassion, and VERY hard work went into every hammered nail, each stroke of paint, to the blades of grass on the farm lawn. This house is full of exactly what is needed to find yourself, your serenity and the ultimate goal of recovery. All can be done in a safe place with an incredible staff full of care, experience, & understanding but no BS. If you want it, its all there just waiting for you

Wendy Codd Chase - NH State Representative

Sober Sisters Recovery is truly an asset to the community of recovery! Moné is a kind, compassionate and loving spirit who is walking the path and instills all she has learned into the Sober Sisters program. Within the walls of this beautiful farmhouse you will find acceptance, love, understanding and a sisterhood that is supportive and inspiring.

I have been with Sober Sisters for a year and a half as the Reiki volunteer and have seen amazing transformations in all of the women who have gone through this program. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this life changing journey! Much Love –

Colette Catlin - Shamanic Practitioner/Reiki Practitioner

Sober Sisters Recovery is great establishment and a much needed resource in the state of NH, helping women to recover from Alcohol and substance use disorders. Highly motivated and recovery oriented individuals can engage in the Recovery community while having a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment. The house is clean and cozy and the property boasts serene views of the surrounding woodlands. Highly recommended!!

John Eldredge - White Birch Recovery Services

I was invited to be guest speaker at Sober Sisters, and I was beyond impressed with Moné and the ladies. The home was immaculate and appears to be very well run. Moné has a great heart and spirit and has the girls best interest. I highly recommend Sober Sisters at Malley Farm.

Donna Marston - Recovery Support Coach