SSR Sits Down for a Conversation with Three River Farmers Alliance

Earlier this month, Daniel Lohmeyer, part of Three Rivers Farmers Alliance’s Community Program, spoke with SSR Executive Director Moné Cassier to discuss Sober Sister Recovery’s unique approach to recovery, and how donations from Three River Farmers Alliance have made a huge impact on our mission here at Malley Farm.

Sober Sisters Recovery is extremely grateful to Three River Farmers Alliance. By providing us with fresh, healthy (often organic) produce, we are able to better achieve our holistic approach to recovery. The women at SSR learn self care, and food is truly at the center of wellness. Healthy eating and high-vitamin foods help to cleanse our bodies from toxins. Fruits, veggies, and lots of water are part of everyday life here in recovery at Malley Farm, and Three Rivers helps keep us stocked with beautiful produce to work with.

Cooking is also a social activity at the farm. Women learn how to cook, prepare, and preserve fresh fruits and vegetables, including freezing for winter. We build a community while we cook together and try new ideas around meals. The women also discover creative giving ideas such as baking pies and gifting, learning new ways to give while staying on budget. All of these things are made possible thanks to the beautiful food donated to us by Three Rivers Farmers Alliance.

About Three River Farmers Alliance

Three River Farmers AllianceFounded in 2014, Three River Farmers Alliance is a brilliant organization that brings local, fresh produce to homes, restaurants, and institutions in the area. Based in Seacoast, New Hampshire, this farmer-owned food hub supports local farmers and producers while making healthy, locally grown produce more accessible to our whole region!

Three River Alliance also offers a home delivery program called Veggie-GO that provides fresh, regionally sourced food to homes in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.