NHPTV’s Phil Vaughn Raises Money & Awareness for SSR

Phil (right) with the 2018 Granite Mikes Award

Phil Vaughn is an award-winning producer for NHPBS. In fact, his program, Roads to Recovery, would go on to win Best Public Affairs Television Program at the 2018 Granite Mikes Awards, an annual award event presented by the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters.

In addition to making television programs, Phil Vaughn also runs marathons. In 2017, Phil ran the Newmarket LOCO Marathon to raise money and awareness for Sober Sisters Recovery. The goal of the fundraising run was to offer financial support to Sober Sisters and to provide encouragement to the residents as they work toward their recovery.

Phil at the 2017 LOCO Marathon (LOCO Sports, LLC)

We are so grateful to Phil for his support, not just financially, but his determination to use his professional skills to spread knowledge and hope to the recovery community.

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Race photo courtesy of LOCO Sports, LLC